SPARK Art Fair Vienna 2022

25 – 27 March 2022

In his large-scale works conceived especially for Spark Art Fair 2022, Julian Heuser pushes the boundaries of painting anew and juggles with visual habits. His bold, abstract paintings blur the analogue and digital fields of art, creating an illusion for the viewer. Colours leap energetically across the canvas, creating shapes that supposedly reveal figures in patterns. The classical medium of painting dissolves and recomposes itself from digital and analogue pictorial elements, by occasionally using artificial intelligence as a source for inspiration.

"I am more concerned with the transfer of modern thought and work structures to painting than with digitality itself. My digital paintings are indistinguishable from analogue ones on the display, unless I want them to be. This may sound very unromantic, but in principle that is exactly what is happening today and to really understand the paintings you have to engage with them. The gesture is completely different in the digital than in the analogue. A stroke that is completely spread over the whole picture is a simple hand movement in digital, whereas in analogue you have to reload the brush sometimes for a large format." - Julian Heuser for Passe-Avant

SPARK Art Fair will launch the European art season in March 2022. With its unique exhibition architecture of solo presentations, three curated sections and a great mix of Austrian and international galleries, it is Austria’s leading contemporary art fair.



Installation view © Kurt Prinz

installation views

Fotos: Kurt Prinz

selected artworks