Linda Berger

1980 born in Aalen (GER), lives and works in Vienna.

2014 University of applied Arts Vienna with Sigbert Schenk, Jan Svenungsson

2014 Sculptur Seminar with Hans Schabus, University of applied Arts Vienna

2005 University Pforzheim School of Design in Fashion (D)

Linda Berger counters a chaotic, overcrowded world with downright chaos. Starting from the smallest graphic gesture – a simple stroke – the Vienna-based artist creates spectacular worlds. In meticulous repetition, none of these strokes ever remains alone. Like a colorful accumulation of individuals, they vary in strength and direction, overlap and combine into clusters, into form-giving centers. In the combination of the individual, they thus construct themselves into a great whole.

Niklas Koschel

Linda Berger, The Ancient Form of Weaving, 2020

ink on canvas, 238 x 190 x 4 cm

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