Tina Hainschwang – Chambre Séparée

TINA HAINSCHWANG Chambre Séparée 13 August 2022 – 9 November 2022 Tina Hainschwang’s (*1986) works are located in a veritable bed of ambiguity between the strange and the familiar. Meanings hang in the balance, questions are more present than answers, and the artist counters a longing for unambiguity with disorienting ambivalence. In the exhibition Chambre …

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Daniela Zeilinger – Wo ist die Realität? Wo haben Sie die?

DANIELA ZEILINGER Wo ist die Realität? Wo haben Sie die? 16 July – 10 August 2022 In Daniela Zeilinger’s studies, various light-dependent techniques—from the mobile phone camera to the diapositive to direct exposure—are multiplied, layered and interwoven with drawing and painting techniques. In each image, the collaborative system that makes its creation process possible is …

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Georg Frauenschuh – Elektrohalle Salon

GEORG FRAUENSCHUH Elektrohalle Salon 7 May – 2 July 2022 In his paintings, Georg Frauenschuh (*1979) confronts the viewer with discontinuous surfaces composed of various motifs and pictorial spaces. For this, the Salzburg-born artist draws on various photographs as well as freely usable stock photos and clipart motifs, whose essence lies in reproduction and indistinguishability. …

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