3 March – 12 April 2023

"[...] but the inside is the only thing that promises the fulfillment of longings," is how the artist Aline Sofie Rainer (*1991, Vienna), who lives and works in Frankfurt, lets her lyrical self speak in the prose poem servetta muta. The poem, which is part of the reading performance at the opening of the exhibition Scherzo in the Elektrohalle Salon, sets the sensitive pace of the exhibited works.

In the play of emotionality entangled in tragedy and comedy, Aline Sofie Rainer tells - always gently and thoughtfully - of interpersonal encounters, amorous relationships and sensitive erotica. In essential connection with her personal impression and under the motif of innerness she elaborates scenes of sensitive twosomeness.

– Niklas Koschel

Aline Sofie Rainer, Die "große Liebe", 2021, oil on canvas, 55 x 60 cm

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