17 July – 28 August 2021


Everyone I’ve ever known

Solo Show by Navot Miller

My work depicts social scenarios; personal or mundane moments that offer points of view on intimacy and lust. Voyeurism is active in my work, highlighting details of bigger scenes that take place. I am inspired by artists such as David Hockney (his symmetry and color grid), Michelangelo Caravaggio (drama), and James Baldwin (his queer eye and identity in complex and harsh environments).

I like to work with subjects that highlight my personal interest in sexual desire, body figures or queer identity. Growing up as an Orthodox Jew, I engage my knowledge and memories from my past in order to portray a range of contrasts from these experiences. My work shines a light on fragile and evocative topics, as I combine and connect elements of religion and sexuality.  – Artist statement

Navot Miller

Zachary, Benjamin, John and Sabina Kershman in Chinese restaurant in Ottawa, 2021

oil on canvas

200 x 160 cm

Linda Berger at Whiskey Room – Elektrohalle Rhomberg

From 17 July 2021


Stricheraum IIII

In situ intervention at “Whiskey Room”

The space and all the given requisites, from the minuscule details to the larger ones, seem to be swallowed up by the artist’s world. Everything is covered with strokes.

More than a decade ago Linda Berger (born in Aalen, lives and works in Vienna) started to create universes of thousands and thousands of lines and strokes meticulously bringing works into existence that are not easy to distinguish, whether they are drawings or paintings. – Erka Shalari


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