Limited Wine Sculptures

As part of the exhibition „Drame Surréaliste“, Verena Issel not only designed an incredible installation within the gallery space but also exclusive and limited wine bottle sculptures.


Handmade, unique silicon vases

Ottofficine Design was founded as an artistic research laboratory in 2008 when Gigliola Scagliotti decided to create a space in which her visions could come to life. In the early years of Ottofficine, Gigliola experimented with various techniques and paid great attention to the recovery and reuse of waste materials.

The silicone vases immediately proved to be an effective product: colorful, eccentric, extremely resistant and light. Little by little, the collection is enriched with new shapes and models, right up to the flower vases that make dreams come true “all over the world”


Original collages from the series “Flashback into the future”, each unique and framed

A reminiscence of Thomas Riess’ past work that will have an impact on the future. Early images of Riess’ work are serially reinterpreted, changed and sometimes playfully placed into a new context. This creates a link to earlier works and thematizes the important factors in the artistic work process such as time, transformation and reflection. The title is based on Louise Bourgeois’ work “I Had a Flashback of Something that Never Existed”.


Printed Sweaters

Navot Miller born in 1991 in Israel, works and lives in Berlin. Throughout his life, Miller has always been fascinated by visuals and sound as a way of expressing ideas and exploring topics such as sexuality, religion and desire. Using the practice of opposite and contrasting colors as a form of painting and the aesthetic of collaging short videos, Miller creates montages of scenes into both paper and videos while juxtaposing tragedy and positivity. He pays close attention to the figurative form of objects he encounters and to the sense of space created by multiple layers in one environment.

Primarily working with pastels, Miller engages with flatness in order to create a sense of still drama in his works.


Interior and Pottery

Designed in Salzburg, Nouka & Nole offers a variety of handmade and handpainted pottery and tablecloths in playful patterns.


Unique Wall Clocks

In his multi-layered compositions, the artist evokes fragmentary memories of something unprecedented in the viewer and, using clipart symbols, gestural elements, as well as geometric and realistic forms, asserts a contemporary surrealism.


Handpainted Austrian rubber ducks and other beauties

While designing these rubber ducks, it was important that they bring joy and happiness to people of all ages. Our squeaking ducks should look good, feel good and float correctly and upright! And they should, as one would expect from a good rubber duck, consist of latex and not be manufactured from PVC. Latex is a natural product with which even the smallest can have a lot of fun. Babies discover the world with big eyes, and in the first months they like to explore with their mouths. They literally devour their toys and chew everything they can lay their hands on.


Limited T-Shirt

Julius Deutschbauer, born 1961 in Klagenfurt, Austria, works as a performer, visual and poster artist, filmmaker and author based in Vienna.


Unique Pendants and Paperweights designed in Salzburg

A small framed world