Slow 3

5 February – 19 March 2022

“Basically, the colourfulness of my works should reflect the organic basic idea: My image motifs are, although often strict, sober, sometimes even seemingly technoid, no geometric gimmicks or logos, but entities with a life of their own, which grow over the years, blossom, evolve, disintegrate again & form into new constellations.”

– Christian Hutzinger, taken from the Interview by Niklas Koschel

Christian Hutzinger born 1966, lives and works in Vienna, AT

1987–1991 Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, AT 

2000 State-Scholarship for Fine Arts

© Christian Hutzinger

selected artworks

Fotos: Lukas Dostal

© Bildrecht Wien

installation views

Fotos: Andrew Phelps