Eliza Wagener
Aus des Vorhangs Falten

6 October – 17 November 2023 | Halle

Opening: Friday, 6 October 2023, 6 – 9 pm

In my painting practice, I am interested in areas of tension and in-between areas of loneliness and security, of inner withdrawal and hedonistic escapism, farewell and new beginnings. In addition to the use of color as a metaphor for the ambiguity of the world around us, recurring figures play an important role in my paintings. Their silhouettes, elaborated from the traces I find on the canvases, emerge from a process that is like a long scanning of the painting surface, a scratching, a sorting, a mapping. This is how they emerge, these ghosts that whisper stories in my ear. Of vanished moments, of fantastic worlds and of song lyrics that pass by. Often it is these sentences that haunt the painting and then sit down next to me until they feel so comfortable that they want to stay.

– Eliza Wagener

Trinkst du aus mir, wirst du ein Reh, 2023

oil & acrylic on canvas

136 x 112 cm

selected artworks