Daniela Zeilinger

27 January 2024 – 16 March | Halle

In Daniela Zeilinger's (*1976, Linz) working method, media and material-reflective processes intertwine to create images that always raise the question of the conditions of their own mode of representation. Experimental work processes and a variety of media transformations are central to her work. Using collage and montage techniques that interweave analogue material and digital images, she creates pictures that reveal themselves as complex layers questioning the preconditions of photographic and painted representation. At thresholds between analog and digital photography as well as painting and drawing, the artist refers in the exhibition „Polkadots" to the simple dot as a starting motif and the highest concentration of formal expression.

Nec_d Dots # 1, 2019/23

Museum glass, photo emulsion, Bergger COT paper, photo gelatine,

colour pigments

28 x 23 x 4 cm (framed), unique

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installation views