Wo ist die Realität? Wo haben Sie die?

16 July – 10 August 2022

In Daniela Zeilinger's studies, various light-dependent techniques—from the mobile phone camera to the diapositive to direct exposure—are multiplied, layered and interwoven with drawing and painting techniques. In each image, the collaborative system that makes its creation process possible is realised. The relations within the system generate a choreography of multiple realities that overlap, merge and distort each other. This internal co-dependency also exposes the different capacities for agency in the sense of a living materialism according to Jane Bennett: “Humanity and non humanity have always performed an intricate dance with each other. There was never a time when human agency was anything other than an interfolding network of humanity and non humanity; today this mingling has become harder to ignore.”

– Sophie Publig

selected artworks

installation views

Photos: Katrin Froschauer