Recommended by Séamus Kealy

20 June – 11 July 2020

Alexandra Baumgartner, Angelika Wienerroither, Anja Ronacher, Christiane Peschek, Csaba Fürjesi, Elisabeth Schmirl, Erich Gruber, Florian Nährer, Georg Frauenschuh, Jari Genser, Johanna Binder, Johannes Steidl, Jonas Geise, Lavinia Lanner, Margareta Klose, Martina Mühlfellner, Stefan Heizinger, Stefan Kreiger, Tina Hainschwang, Ulrich Nausner and Zoe Vitzthum

Elektrohalle Rhomberg invited Séamus Kealy to curate an exhibition and select a group of artists to present their work.The only criterion: every artist should have a relationship to Salzburg.

The result is an exhibition of over twenty artists from different media with the title "Fortress of Salt". The theme of the exhibition itself is the imaginative translation of the city of “Salzburg” into the english language. Rather, the concept of a fortress made of salt is illustrated, which itself leads to several associations. One tries to address issues such as the fragility of civilization in general (both historical and contemporary), the passage of time, the impact of the crisis on larger structures, the dissolution of ideas, even philosophy, and also in response to political pressure (be it political or not) from the outside. In fact, however, it also represents the dissolution of something robust that appears susceptible to the effects of external forces.

Using this metaphor, Séamus Kealy has selected over twenty artists, each of whom react freely and individually to this topic through their work. The gallery is divided into several sections, each of which provides its own frame and at the same time increases / opens up from the whole.