As we know it

26 May – 1 July 2023 | Halle

In their joint exhibition at Elektrohalle Rhomberg, Haruko Maeda (*1983) and Michael Heindl (*1988) reveal the fragility of the normality and the mundane. Through painting and film, they independently declare the always only supposedly existing normality to be the central aspect of a contemporary, human crisis. In the combination and juxtaposition of their works, a general problem is made tangible: the concept of the normal proves to be extremely imprecise and is always subject to the consistent change of realities of life.

Niklas Koschel

Haruko Maeda, “The Great Bouquet V”, 2023, oil on canvas, 190 x 130 cm

Michael Heindl, “The Art Of Restless Swimming”, 2022, object series of 27 pieces, airplane life jacket, emergency information sheet, adhesive,

each 15 x 10 cm

selected artworks

installation views