Ich kenn Dich auch vom Ansehen nicht

25 July – 29 August 2020

In the large-scale work cycle "Mischpoche", 2017 - 2019, the artist Andreas Mühe unites personal history, social circumstances as well as artistic tradition to the portrait of a family, his family, in which history and art history are deeply inscribed. The central pieces of the exhibition are two family portraits showing living and deceased members of his family, from his mother's and father's side.

Based on photo templates, he has recreated the dead members as lifelike figures in a complex production process and creates a photographic reality that never really existed. In its characteristic as a reference for reality and the past, photography stands out from other genres of art.

Apparently Mühe shows this ambivalent meaning of the medium between truth and construction. Last year he showed pieces from “Mischpoche” in a museum solo exhibition in the Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin, which takes into account the interrelationships within the family addressing the experiences of an entire generation.