9 April – 21 May 2022

Group show with works by

Gretchen Andrew, Dejan Dukic, Julian Heuser and Reihaneh Hosseini

"Basically, after all, the whole of life consists only of side effects. The sand on the beach, the snow on the mountains. The love, the work. Even the bed; all side effects. As the cleric rightly says: vanitas vanitatis. Now eat!" 

Life is lacking any essence. This is explained by one of the four protagonists in Marco Ferreri's 1973 film "La Grande Bouffe". All that remains is mere gluttony, and with it nothing but vanity – in its original translation: nothingness. Similar to the film, the works of Gretchen Andrew, Dejan Dukic, Julian Heuser and Reihaneh Hosseini, in the joint presentation of their works, initially prepare the visitors a feast of accompanying phenomena. Unlike in the film, however, these are not simply outgrowths of sham-cultivated, organized and devastatingly accomplished abundances, but a disclosure of realities that elaborate essences. – Niklas Koschel

Gretchen Andrew

Contemporary Art Auction Record (detail), 2021

Ornate frame, sequin bears, "believe" gift tags, and charcoal on canvas

152,5 x 122 cm

selected artworks

installation views

Photos: Andrew Phelps