Everyone I've ever known

17 July - 28 August 2021

Solo Show by Navot Miller

"My work depicts social scenarios; personal or mundane moments that offer points of view on intimacy and lust. Voyeurism is active in my work, highlighting details of bigger scenes that take place. I am inspired by artists such as David Hockney (his symmetry and color grid), Michelangelo Caravaggio (drama), and James Baldwin (his queer eye and identity in complex and harsh environments).

I like to work with subjects that highlight my personal interest in sexual desire, body figures or queer identity. Growing up as an Orthodox Jew, I engage my knowledge and memories from my past in order to portray a range of contrasts from these experiences. My work shines a light on fragile and evocative topics, as I combine and connect elements of religion and sexuality." – Artist statement