Max Freund

1992 born in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna (AT)

2017 diploma, MFA, University of Applied Arts Vienna,  painting, Prof. Judith Eisler

2015 - 2016 HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (NL), Fine Arts

2011 - 2017 University of Applied Arts Vienna (A), Fine Arts, Painting, Prof. Judith Eisler

Max Freund's cosmos is the epitome of the multivalent. Whether in material, technique, concept or art-theoretical superstructure – Freund extends the maximum spectrum in each of these aspects and offers the recipient a multi-perspective view. It is a survey of numerous points of view conceived directly from life, just as Freund also draws material directly from everyday life. For example, when he transforms a bed sheet into a painting surface, sews a scrap of plaster or laminates printed paper onto canvas in order to work out a new middle ;eld between drawing and painting. The meticulous collection and redefinition of material is essential in Freund's work, the working out of potential from the seemingly inconspicuous.

Paula Watzl

Max Freund, Entgiftungszentrale, 2022

oil on canvas (artist frame), 200 x 160 cm

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