Tammy Langhinrichs

1995 born in Hamburg (GER), lives and works in Salzburg and Hamburg

2015 HFBK, Hamburg (GER), Design

2018 HFBK, Hamburg (GER), Sculpture (Andreas Slominski)

2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts, HFBK Hamburg (GER)

2023 Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture (Andreas Slominski), HFBK, Hamburg (GER)

The social and personal connotations of clothing, which are persistent carriers of

concepts of the body and gender, are made tangible in the artist’s textile sculptures in an spacial manner. In lying, standing and leaning poses, the anthropomorphic figures encounter the viewer just human enough to be approachable.

Niklas Koschel

Tammy Langhinrichs, untitled, 2022, wool, mixed fabric, fiberfill, leather, horn, pins, 230 x 90 x 80 cm

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