Three Moons

31 March – 20 May 2023 | Halle

The motif range of the artist Arang Choi (* 1992), who was born in Seoul and lives in Vienna, confronts the viewer with the concept of an all-souled world. In the paintings, a recurring creature in a wide variety of forms animates surreal worlds that, despite all their irritation and mysticism, evoke feelings of familiarity and closeness. The anthropomorphic mythical creature, which does not seem to be limited to any specific form, deforms and changes, is never the same twice and enters into contact with the viewer canvas by canvas. In doing so, it can never be grasped as an explicit being, but rather refers to a view that wants existence to be understood as a unity.

– Niklas Koschel

Arang Choi, Émulb self portrait 4, 2022

oil on canvas, 145 x 120 cm

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