Drame Surréaliste

27 March - 8 May 2021

Group show with works by

Andi Fischer

Georg Frauenschuh

Tina Hainschwang

Flora Hauser

Adrian Hazi

Verena Issel

Tamara Malcher

Daniela Zeilinger

Gerlind Zeilner

The title of the exhibition refers to the surrealist play "Les mamelles de Tirésias" by Guillaume Apollinaire from 1903 with the subtitle "Drame surréaliste". With this subtitle and in the foreword to the play, the poet invented the word "surrealism" to describe his new style of drama. In 1924 Breton took over the term as the name for the already existing intellectual movement in literature, art and film.

The piece was set to music by Francis Poulenc for Opera Buffa in 1944.

The exhibiting artists freely associate with the exhibition title.

Tamara Malcher | Reflections | 2020 | Acrylic and pastel crayon on canvas

200 x 250 cm