Florian Donnerstag

23 March – 11 May 2024 | Halle

Without a predetermined reading direction, without the occasion of a concrete narrative and without any apparent logic, the inner pictorial structure homogenizes. As if water were being poured over the canvas – the artist tells in conversation – the bundles of motifs float apart and away from each other. They break free from their motivic rigidity and experience their anti symbolic dissolution in an attempt at a hierarchy free arrangement. Donnerstag's driven painting ultimately testifies to the precarious situation of the sign, which only acquires meaning through interpretation and always succumbs to the formal first. – Niklas Koschel

Florian Donnerstag was born 1990 in Salzburg, grew up in Mondsee and studied architecture in Innsbruck until 2015. From 2017, he studied painting and graphics in Prof. Markus Oehlen's class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In 2023 he was appointed master student of Prof. Markus Oehlen and graduated in February 2024 with Prof. Andreas Breunig.

Florian Donnerstag, Fast Stilleben, 2023

mixed media on canvas, 170 x 155 cm

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