1979 born in Salzburg (AT), lives and works in Vienna (AT)

2004 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Gunter Damisch (AT)

2003 National Academy of Art, Sofia (RO)

2020 Teaching position at the Art University Linz (AT)

In his paintings, Georg Frauenschuh (*1979) confronts the viewer with discontinuous surfaces composed of various motifs and pictorial spaces. For this, the Salzburg-born artist draws on various photographs as well as freely usable stock photos and clipart motifs, whose essence lies in reproduction and indistinguishability. Painterly, however, these are now upgraded to unique specimens. In turbulent appropriation, the painter understands them as set pieces of apparently not yet finally decided compositions.

Niklas Koschel

Georg Frauenschuh, Untitled (Tree), 2022

oil on canvas, 220 x 170 cm

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