Daniela Zeilinger

1980 born in Linz (AT), lives and works in Vienna (AT)

2016 Diploma in Fine Arts, Art and Photography, with Martin Guttmann, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT )

2010 Dance, context, choreography, with Deufert & Plischke, HZT / UDK Berlin (GER)

2008 Free Art with Antje Majewski, Academy of Fine Arts Berlin Weißensee (GER)

2006 Fine Arts, Art and Photography with Eva Schlegel / Matthias Herrmann, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)

Daniela Zeilinger works at the intersection of different artistic disciplines, especially painting and photography. She creates her images - large-format analog photographs - using various media in a multi-layered process of transformation and translation. Her work questions the ontology of images, in reference to a real/virtual pictorial space. In the confrontation of photographic construction with qualities attributed to painting - e.g. gesture, traces of corporeality, haptics - lies an in-between space that can neither be clearly assigned to photography nor to painting.

Daniela Zeilinger, Violet, 2021

analog C-Print from slide, 190 x 150 cm, Ed. 1 + 1 AP

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