Tina Hainschwang

1986 born in Salzburg (AT), lives and works in Salzburg and Linz (AT)

2017 University of Arts Linz (AT)

Tina Hainschwang's (*1986) works are located in a veritable bed of ambiguity between the strange and the familiar. Meanings hang in the balance, questions are more present than answers, and the artist counters a longing for unambiguity with disorienting ambivalence. The broad field of irritation, into which the artist takes the visitor, turns out to be a productive equivocation. In the tradition of surrealist working methods, Hainschwang goes beyond realism to tell of worlds of elusive and unreal spheres.

Tina Hainschwang, Schrein mit Eierfigurinen, 2019 - 2021

Wood, jute, gypsum, metal rings & chalk paint

106 x 96 x 116 cm

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